Get out of my ward, damn it!

When you go to Japan, you bring back a thing or two.
I’m going to post tons of photos (and video, if tumblr lets me) of my two weeks in Tokyo, so be prepared.
I’m gonna tag everything T:LTD if anyone wants to block it.

Japan luggage too many luggages Tokyo T:LTD

Lately I didn’t have enough time to draw properly, so have some of my Draw Something masterpieces.
All of these have been drawn with my index finger on my phone screen, which is half of my palm big.

draw something tin tin metroid the legend of zelda phoenix wright scooby doo lupin III

Yamino, did you know about this? I thought you might like it.
Apparently it came out last year, it’s a finished 6 volumes story.
Useless to say, it made me think of Sister Claire XD
It verges more on parody, but definitely shares that adventurous punch with Sister Claire.

suore ninja Yamino Sister Claire ish comics


Always post the rules: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new questions. Tag 11 new people. Message the people you tagged to let them know you tagged them.

  1. Favorite season of the year? Spring. Because is the only one without exams ç__ç
  2. A film that changed your life. Dogma. I could watch it on loop and find new details every time and love it even more.
  3. Unicorn or Pegasus? Pegasus because it can fly, duh.
  4. If you could jump in a painting, which would you choose? Judith beheading Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi, because it’s gore and has great women in it.
  5. What is your zodiacal sign? Do you see yourself in it? Gemini. Meh, not much because I’m not very loquacious.
  6. What kind of superpower would you like to have? Remember everything I read. I need it.
  7. In which storical age would you have liked to live? Actually I’m pretty happy with this era. Hygiene + Technology + Equality (we still have a long way to go, but this is the best ever been in history) = Jackpot
  8. The name of the last book you’ve read. Uhm… Does Pathologic Basis of Diseases count? No? So… A game of thrones! But I didn’t finish it yet. The last book I’ve read from beginning to end is Geisha, A Life.
  9. Do you prefer staying outside or inside? Oh, gosh, inside, there’s no game. Occasionally I like to have a day out, like a convention or a barbecue, or a nice trip to a botanic garden, but I prefer staying inside most of the time.
  10. Are you a gamer? Hell yeah, video-gamer since I was 10. And recently a board-gamer too!
  11. Have you ever completed that damned game that is 2048? I never played it, but my brother has completed it! Only because I told him our youngest cousin was playing it XD

Let’s ask some questions, now:

  1. Cats or dogs? Or any other pet?
  2. What food texture do you like?
  3. Are you good with measurements? Can you estimate lenght, time, weight? Or you just fuck up?
  4. Name a thing you can’t do, but you would love to. (I hope it’s clear enough)
  5. Say something to a person that can’t or doesn’t want to hear you.
  6. Favourite non-alcoholic beverage.
  7. Are you afraid of heights?
  8. What keeps you awake in a sleepless night?
  9. When was the last time you lighted a candle?
  10. Least favourite character in your favourite show.
  11. Something you will never regret.

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Speak your language day

Approfitterò di questa giornata per condividere l’onda di sfiga che mi ha investito questo week-end, così gli italiani che mi seguono (che sono al 90% gente che conosco davvero) mi capiranno e gli altri potranno sorpassare questo post felici, ignari della serie di lamentele che sto facendo.
La settimana scorsa, da giovedì a domenica, si è tenuto il Comicon, fiera del fumetto di Napoli. Sebbene non sia questa gran fiera, almeno al pari delle sue sorelle maggiori Romics e Lucca Comics and Games, è in continuo miglioramento, diventa ogni anno più grande e meglio organizzata, è un’occasione simpatica per incontrare tanti amici e divertirsi, e soprattutto mi bastano 20 minuti di pullman per arrivarci. Quest’anno in particolare non vedevo l’ora di andarci perché quello dello scorso anno è stato molto felice per me e si può dire che abbia dato una svolta sostanziale alla mia vita.
Ebbene, reduce da un week-end a Ischia vessato dal maltempo, mi sono beccata un’influenza coi fiocchi. Giovedì e venerdì sono rimasta a letto, imbottita di medicine, pregando che la febbre passasse e di essere fisicamente capace di reggere una mezza giornata tra la folla. Sabato mattina le mie preghiere erano state esaudite: mi sentivo molto meglio ed ero pronta per un tranquillo pomeriggio in fiera. Inoltre avevo anche dei biglietti omaggio forniti dal mio ragazzo, per cui non avrei neanche dovuto pagare il biglietto!
Ma quello stesso pomeriggio, arrivata in fiera, mi accorgo che le biglietterie sono chiuse e persino alla cassa per le conversioni degli omaggi mi dicono che il servizio è interrotto per motivi di sicurezza data la troppa affluenza. Ma mi dicono di tornare domenica mattina perché sarebbe stato tutto normale. Tuttavia, poche ore dopo, su Facebook, il comitato responsabile della gestione annuncia che le biglietterie resteranno chiuse anche domenica e solo i possessori di abbonamento sarebbero potuti entrare.

E questa, signori miei, è la storia di come mi sono persa il Comicon.
Sono devastata per non essere riuscita a vedere le sante donne che lavorano con me per Storm in Heaven, e sermisty, tumbler compaesana con cui mi ero data appuntamento per conoscerci di persona… e anche per non essere riuscita a giocare neanche una partita a Bang!
Direi che può bastare.

speak your language day comicon scusate se non ho altro di cui parlare italian voglio giocare a Bang çç



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  • shit
  • dick
  • no
  • hell
  • sex
  • damn

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Personality Types

Reblog with your Personality types bolded, for your own reference, or for your followers to get to know you better! Add some others if you know any (such as Hogwarts houses: not a typical personality test, but they give other people insight into what you’re like!) Ones with free online tests are linked.

Name: ildirettore

Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.


The Four Temperaments [x]: Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Choleric, Sanguine.

Enneagram [x]: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5,Type 6, Type 7, Type 8, Type 9.

Alignment [x]: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, True Neutral, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil

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Yesterday I hosted a horror/survival roleplay game and it was a complete success.
It took me 2 weeks to write the story, create roles and rules, design the riddles, draw the maps and sketch the rooms (I know they’re horrible, ok? I don’t have very much time on my hands to draw them decently, plus, I hate backgrounds) and lastly make a playlist of BGMs.
I named it Quarter Game because it clearly was a rip-off of the 999’s Nonary Game. One of my best friend and my Pathfinder campaign GM was searching for ideas for a oneshot game and came up with an horror/survival 999-like game. I loved the idea, but she wasn’t convinced so she proposed me to master it. I wasn’t sure, that would be my first time as a master, I hadn’t a clue which system I should use… but I was already so excited and filled with ideas that I started planning that same evening.
At the time everything was set and we decided the date I was so freaking nervous… what if it didn’t work? What should I do if everything goes wrong? But then we started playing and I didn’t expect to have so much fun!
The players totally caught me by surprise, they were quite an ensamble - a prep chek player, a poor yet exceptionally lucky boy, a priest with a secret passion for sci-fi and a schizofrenic homeless man - and yet they collaborated since the very beginning (I didn’t expect it at all, our Pathfinder group is not very cooperative), they faced together the unknown, almost rage-quitted when they weren’t able to solve a riddle (it was so funny XD), they carried on and overcome every obstacle, and in the end they all survived. They were free.
And I’m so proud of them!
I was expecting a more nervous and pugnacious mood, I know they are capable of killing each other, but the game ended without a single fight.
And I was so happy we were able to play it in a single shot, because I know our Pathfinder group is veeeeery slow, sometime we play for hours and we accomplish so little it wrecks my nerves!
It was a fantastic experience, I hadn’t had the chance of doing something so creative in a very long time - my writing is basically shitty and I’ve got less and less time to draw due to studying - and it definitely gave me that thrill I missed so much.

Quarter Game roleplay horror survival original 999ish long post sorry no I'm not i'm so proud of myself and so proud of my players antimonio comelacrimenellapioggia ilpenna kenny

Yummy lunch for yesterday convention.

bento lunch box rice furikake green beans soy sauce beef slices fake creme brulee cooking food

Recently my brother started working for this company in another region, he’s out from monday to friday and comes back home for the weekend.

My mother misses him so much that every other night she calls him to know how he’s doing, if everything is alright, you know, everything a protective mother wants to hear to be sure her baby is ok. And every time she passes the phone around to me and my dad (and occasionally the dogs) and it seems like it’s some relative’s birthday and everyone must wish him or her a happy birthday, so when she says to him: “Here, say something to your sister!” and gives me the phone, I just go: “Happy birthday! For the third time this week, isn’t it wonderful?”.
And we both feel ridiculous every time.

so proud of him making serious decisions about his life and working hard
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