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Yesterday I hosted a horror/survival roleplay game and it was a complete success.
It took me 2 weeks to write the story, create roles and rules, design the riddles, draw the maps and sketch the rooms (I know they’re horrible, ok? I don’t have very much time on my hands to draw them decently, plus, I hate backgrounds) and lastly make a playlist of BGMs.
I named it Quarter Game because it clearly was a rip-off of the 999’s Nonary Game. One of my best friend and my Pathfinder campaign GM was searching for ideas for a oneshot game and came up with an horror/survival 999-like game. I loved the idea, but she wasn’t convinced so she proposed me to master it. I wasn’t sure, that would be my first time as a master, I hadn’t a clue which system I should use… but I was already so excited and filled with ideas that I started planning that same evening.
At the time everything was set and we decided the date I was so freaking nervous… what if it didn’t work? What should I do if everything goes wrong? But then we started playing and I didn’t expect to have so much fun!
The players totally caught me by surprise, they were quite an ensamble - a prep chek player, a poor yet exceptionally lucky boy, a priest with a secret passion for sci-fi and a schizofrenic homeless man - and yet they collaborated since the very beginning (I didn’t expect it at all, our Pathfinder group is not very cooperative), they faced together the unknown, almost rage-quitted when they weren’t able to solve a riddle (it was so funny XD), they carried on and overcome every obstacle, and in the end they all survived. They were free.
And I’m so proud of them!
I was expecting a more nervous and pugnacious mood, I know they are capable of killing each other, but the game ended without a single fight.
And I was so happy we were able to play it in a single shot, because I know our Pathfinder group is veeeeery slow, sometime we play for hours and we accomplish so little it wrecks my nerves!
It was a fantastic experience, I hadn’t had the chance of doing something so creative in a very long time - my writing is basically shitty and I’ve got less and less time to draw due to studying - and it definitely gave me that thrill I missed so much.

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Yummy lunch for yesterday convention.

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Recently my brother started working for this company in another region, he’s out from monday to friday and comes back home for the weekend.

My mother misses him so much that every other night she calls him to know how he’s doing, if everything is alright, you know, everything a protective mother wants to hear to be sure her baby is ok. And every time she passes the phone around to me and my dad (and occasionally the dogs) and it seems like it’s some relative’s birthday and everyone must wish him or her a happy birthday, so when she says to him: “Here, say something to your sister!” and gives me the phone, I just go: “Happy birthday! For the third time this week, isn’t it wonderful?”.
And we both feel ridiculous every time.

so proud of him making serious decisions about his life and working hard

Ok, so I have been two days without Internet and I feel like I lost the world.


ildirettore said: Dalle tue parti manca la connessione? Che succede?

Diciamo solo che la grandiosa compagnia della non-so-nemmeno-cosa-ma-controlla-il-mio-internet-sarà-telecom-non-lo-so qui a Napoli ha deciso di aggiornare l’intero sistema venerdì senza avvertire nessuno e così mezzo rione si è ritrovato senza internet e in balia del mondo reale. Ti giuro, mia madre ha chiamato per chiedere spiegazioni e quelli hanno risposto “beh, controlli su internet…” e poi si sono zittiti rendendosi conto di aver detto la più grande cAVOLATA DEL MILLENNIO.

Ahah! In effetti fino all’anno scorso anche io ero in balia di Telecom, poi leggendo qualche bolletta mi sono accorta che oltre a dare continui problemi ci stava facendo pagare uno sproposito (più di 100€ al mese, non so come i miei genitori abbiano fatto a non accorgersene prima…), quindi abbiamo cambiato compagnia. Anch’io mi sorbivo i furboni del servizio clienti che sparavano cavolate una dietro l’altra »

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I recently finished Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights, and I can say it’s been a pleasant surprise. You know, at first I had a really bad impression: too many cut scenes (a weird mix of CG, animated videos and 2D dialogues), saving system was not clear, and the style had too many similarity with Professor Layton. Despite that, the gameplay is completely different, and you can divide it in two parts: the first is pretty much a treasure hunt, you solve the riddle on the maps based on historical, religious and political facts about Paris exploring an actual small-scale model of the city; the second one, in Paris undergrounds, is more of a dungeon-like adventure, going through labyrinths, opening doors solving puzzles and collecting “treasure animati”, relics possessed by spirits of different natures, taming them using other treasures as well.
Well, it surely entertained me! The plot is not that great, but it took me 50+ hours to complete it.
I can’t stand Lautrec, he’s an untolerable egocentric know-it-all, and definitely not a gentleman (so no, he’s nothing like Layton at all), but there are some goofy adorable character.
In the end it’s fun, mind-tingling and you can learn a lot about Paris playing it!

Haha, ok nevermind, I guess this game is kinda legit?

It is! Believe me, I love Layton and I wouldn’t have any problem admitting Lautrec is a shallow copy, but it’s not. It sure resembles his design a lot, and the lack of description on the back cover (of the italian version at least, I don’t know about other european or american versions) is tricky. As soon as you begin playing it you realize it’s a completely different game, enjoyable for its very own features.

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Something I scribbled on a Christmas present.

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Last week lunch.

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Lemon cheesecake with jello hearts for my mother’s party.

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Emma & detectives @ Lucca Comics 2013

Emma: ildirettore
Cabanela: Shari
Jowd: me
Photos: skull-the-kid

Emma pictures - Jowd&Cabs pictures - Other group shots

We’re so fab.

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Emma & detectives @ Lucca Comics 2013

Emma: ildirettore
Cabanela: Shari
Jowd: me
Photos: skull-the-kid

Favourite pictures - Emma pictures - Jowd&Cabs pictures

Time to reblog these amazing pics.

Via Detective Jowd Appreciation Society

ghost trick cosplay emma fem!Cabanela fem!Jowd
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